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Surdyne Works on Cabell-Huntington Expansion

Surdyne has gotten the contract for work on the North Tower of the new expansion at Cabell-Huntington Hospital. On May 9, 2007, a story from the Herald-Dispatch detailed the expansion project.

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Security Systems at Marshall University

Surdyne Security recently renews service contract for all fire and security systems for Marshall University

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Surdyne on WBOY TV News

2/21/2006: Surdyne interviewed by WBOY TV News for the story "Surveillance Video: Tool for Police or Outdate Technology?" In an News Story by Martina Bills of WBOY TV News, Surdyne Security president John Haynes was interviewed for her story on Surveillance Tools

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Company Development


Surdyne announces the addition of a "Clean Agent" Fire Suppression product available to our customers! Surdyne not only maintains and installs fire detection systems, but now Specializes in “Clean-Agent” Fire Suppression Systems perfect for protecting your Digital Data from fire and water damage. Also great for Communication Centers & Electronics Rooms.

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The Surdyne Eye™

Surdyne is proud to announce the addition of a new product line now available to our customers! The Surdyne Eye™ was developed by Surdyne Security for Locomotive Observation Systems to monitor weather conditions, hill grade, traffic crossings, railroad right of way and property.

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