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Surdyne Fire and Security, LLC. is expert in the design and maintenance of integrated security and fire systems. Through continuous education and training of the Surdyne staff, we are proficient in the design, installation and maintenance of PC driven integrated electronic security, fire, access control and CCTV systems.

We provide CAD designs for all aspects of security and fire systems. Eighty-five percent of our work is commercial or industrial. The commercial work we do is divided between private industry and state and federal projects. Surdyne is a GSA approved vendor.

We are trained and approved dealers for many of the proprietary security, access control, CCTV and fire systems that are often specified by the federal government. One of the dealerships we represent is Radionics, based in Salinas, CA. Radionics is a division of Detection Systems which is owned by Bosch.

They specialize in PC driven, networked, integrated security, access control and fire systems. Radionics requires mandatory training of technicians.

We are direct dealers for two of the world's largest manufacturers of CCTV equipment. Surdyne Fire and Security is fully licensed and insured. We are NICET certified to design, install and maintain fire systems. Surdyne Fire and Security is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and is capable of designing, installing, monitoring, and maintaining systems in any area of the USA.


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